AniPaper - Winter Wonderland

AniPaper - Winter Wonderland 4.7

Enjoy a beautiful snowy night at a wonderland town right on your desktop
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“AniPaper – Winter Wonderland” is one of the four animated wallpapers developed and commercialized by The most remarkable characteristic of this application is indeed, that it’s an animated wallpaper instead of a still wallpaper, which is the most commonly seen type.
The wallpaper shows a snowy night, in a wonderland town with a huge, shiny moon. If you focus in the scene you can almost feel the cold and the snow slowly falling down from the sky. There are nice houses with their lights one, being the only shelters from the cold night outside. They are scattered around snow hills and trees. The little snowflakes slowly falling down can result extremely relaxing, giving you an “escape” from routine, right in your PC desktop. The one thing this application lacks to create an incredibly relaxing tool is some sound effects. Permanent sounds could be inappropriate given the type of application we are talking about here, but it would be nice to have the possibility to set some sounds on and off, according to the situation. Another improvable aspect would the variety in size and speed of the snowflakes.
On the other hand, the strong aspect of this wallpaper is that it comes from a safe source and it’s guaranteed to be free of virus and other malicious software. Besides, since it’s a paid application, it doesn’t include bothering adware.
You can enjoy of this animated wallpaper for only $ 8.95 or you can buy the 4-wallpaper pack for $ 18.95. You can even get it for free using TrialPay. Before buying you can test this application for a limited period of time, downloading its installation file from the developer’s website.

Lionel Mira
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  • It's an animated wallpaper
  • It shows a beautiful image
  • It's a lightweight file to download
  • It can be very relaxing


  • The animation can result a bit fast
  • It doesn't include sound features
  • It doesn't include an uninstaller
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